· Let's work together to help the famine victims 2011-08-25
·2012 BrighterLight CNY Holiday Notice 2012-01-07
·B&L will donate 2% of each transaction volume 2011-08-29
·Brighter Light Int'l Ltd since 27th July,2011 2011-07-20
·President Obama plans to visit Cree Monday 2011-06-09
·2011 Fair News 2011-05-20
·Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2011 (Autumn Edition) 2011-04-07
·The 12th (CIOE) SHOW REPORT 2011-02-16
·Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011-02-25
·16th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2011-03-06
·Brighter Light Co., Ltd will join the 16th Guanzhou Int'l lighting exhibition 2011-03-20
·Brighter light Co., Ltd launched the new-tech LED lighting products 2010-04-13
·Philips offers OLED technology kit for lighting applications 2010-03-31
·Overseas Market Development of Chinese ClassicalLighting 2008-05-23
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