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Overseas Market Development of Chinese ClassicalLighting
Author:admin   Time:2008/5/23 6:06:23
                                Overseas Market Development of Chinese ClassicalLighting
In 2007, Britain has once reported that a kind of “the new Chinese type style” was popular in the Western design market, and it was welcome greatly because of its modern classical style. The indoor Chinese type classical lighting is the important symbol of “the new Chinese type style”. Along with the influence of “the new Chinese type style”, it promotes the development of the Chinese classical lighting in the overseas market. As the Chinese classical lighting overseas market sellers should see the prospects of its development.
This year, according to the forecasts of the mainstream designers, the lighting style is mainly the new classic, the nowadays modern, Baroque and American countryside style. In the future from 2 to 3 years, the lighting's mainstream tendency will fusion more local characteristics, makes every effort to reach harmonious of lighting and ornamental style. The personalized demand, the energy saving and environmental demand, the cultural demand will become the demand light spot of lighting industry.Because of Beijing Olympic Games' factor,Chinese traditional culture will obtain a better demonstration.The influence of “new Chinese type style” will be more and more.The domestic, foreign producers and the sellers of classical lighting should grasp this rare opportunity.
First is “the new Chinese type style” is not the easy to vicissitude, it still continues to affect the classical lighting market.
2008 Beijing Olympic Games year is a demonstration year, the opening ceremony of Olympic Games will demonstrate the more Chinese traditional cultural things.Demonstration of the Chinese ancient culture will get more influence of “the new Chinese type style”. Therefore, the Chinese classical lighting will also be promoted all over the world. Although from 2002 to 2005, the Chinese classical lighting entered the low time. Butat present, Chinese classical lighting is  recovering. The classical lighting’s unique culture connotation and the gentle bright in antiquity style knock the overseas consumers’ dead.
Next, the Chinese classical lighting is still a recovering industry. It awaits to develop.
These years, after the Chinese classical lighting’s sort out, it has eliminated many enterprises and forces to produce the European simple style lighting. After again conformity, it starts to recover.So far, the domestic enterprises, producer and sellers which specialize in producing classical lighting already are extremely rare. Therefore, how the overseas buyers to develop the fertile and undeveloped classical lighting market becomes the focal point.
China and the West cooperationis an important step for opening overseas market of the Chinese classical lighting.
First we start the words from the style of the classical lighting, the Chinese classical lightingcontains the Chinese5,000 years cultural essences.Put these cultural essences in classical lighting design is an important point to attract the overseas buyers. Next, along with the fusion of the Western simple stylethese years, remove the classical troublesomeness, take the essences, abandonsthe dregs, the classical lighting has its own definition. If the Chinese classical lighting must enter the international market, it needs to both take strongpoint and absorb the contemporary simple bright style. Chinese and the West styles’ blend is an important step for the development of Chinese classical lighting
Secondly is the technical cooperation.
The Chinese classical lighting’s main features are the light shade effect and the careful craft.  Along with the statement of the country environmental protection and energy saving, the environmental consciousness strikes in the hearts of the people. The Chinese classical lighting should manifest in this aspect and conform to the nowadays characteristics. Although the Chinese LED energy saving technology obtains the long-term development, but it still in the transitional stage between the beauty typelighting and the illuminationlighting. The Chinese energy saving technology very falls behind the foreign countries. It needs to draw the strong points of others and to offset its own weakness. Overseas buyers may also use the Chinese classical lighting technique of production, the rich cultural connotation and the inexpensive labor force, carries on this way to cooperation likein ordering production and buying the products straight with the Chinese producers. It may reduce or avoid the question from the high cost. To establish a perfect sales system also needs the diligent common cooperation of the domestic people and foreigners.
The “new Chinese type style” indoor design becomes one fashionable symbol in the West. In addition, one important point of “new Chinese type style” indoor design is that it brings the light shade effect. When it is popularin Europe and America, the Chinese classical lighting also slowly goes to the overseas friends’ heart. Therefore, the Chinese classical lighting will have a greater development in the overseas market space. In the cooperation of the China and West, we can take full advantage of the advanced Westernsalesmode. The overseas friends should also see the development trend of the classical lighting. Although the European style lighting still occupiesmany lighting market share, but the development speed of classical lighting gives us a prompt - market profit redistribution.

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