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SHENZHEN BRIGHTER LIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a reputable manufacturer and professional supplier of electronic items and Lighting accessories.It is constructed by two companies, SHENZHEN JICHILI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.,and BRIGHTER LIGHT INT'L LTD.

SHENZHEN JICHILI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is based in Shenzhen, a manufacturer and supplier of Electronic products,such as PIR sensor,microwave sensor,touch switches,lighting accessories and components etc.

BRIGHTER LIGHT INT'L LTD is located in Wuhan,middle part of China,which enables us to take advantage of the convenient transportation and affluent of talents,manufactures Solar Energy Products and  LED Lights.

To better serve our clients,we set a After-sales customer service center in U.S.A in 2015.

After years of hard working and steady development,we have equipped with professional R&D team, technical team , quality-control team, sourcing team to make sure that the high quality and excellent price of our products.And we enjoy high reputation among our customers.

We do business based on the LONG-TERM mutual trust, mutual support and mutual benefit. Welcome customers all over the world to contact us!




Contact: Yuki Zeng

Phone: 0086-13429806559

Tel: 0086-755-83250841

Email: Sales01@brighterlight.net

Add: N1C448, New Asia E-Town Phase II, Futian District Shenzhen Guangdong,China

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